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ANGDavis Associates is a very experienced team of engineers with over 70 years of international experience, and headed by Neil Davis, a well-seasoned Consulting Engineer and Team Leader with “hands-on,” senior level experience in International Consulting and Contracting associated with Pavements and the Construction of Highways and Airfields.

ANGDavis Associates has the practical experience and qualifications to provide managerial, technical, contractual and procurement opportunities for the global highways industry, ranging from rural roads to expressway projects all around the world.

Civil Engineering Consultancy

Strong relationships and successful projects are founded on trust, and the ANGDavis Associates aims to work closely with clients to clearly defined objectives, and to deliver them in a transparent and ethical manner.

ANGDavis Associates Ltd

Project Management

ANGDavis Associates Ltd

Technical Consultancy

ANGDavis Associates Ltd


ANGDavis Associates Ltd

Contractual Issues

Rather than short-term gain, we endeavour to forge long-term relationships based on mutual understanding, respect and best practice, working at senior level with and reporting directly to: CEO’s / MD’s / Owners / Senior Government officials to deliver honest, impartial and discrete executive reporting.

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Industry & Technical Expertise

ANGDavis Associates has extensive Highway Contracting & Consulting experience focussing on Project Management and Supervision of major highway projects.

ANGDavis Associates Ltd

Asphalt & Bitumen Technology

ANGDavis Associates Ltd

Asphalt Production

ANGDavis Associates Ltd

Quarry Operations

ANGDavis Associates Ltd

Traffic Management & Road Safety

ANGDavis Associates Ltd

Airfield Pavements

ANGDavis Associates Ltd

Bridges & Structures

International Experience

ANGDavis Associates has great in-depth knowledge of every country and region that we have worked in, as well as interaction with key politicians, senior government officials, road authorities, and the major donor financing agencies.

Clients are from both developed and emerging countries where our international and professional experience can assist companies needing representation or assistance to enter certain markets, with the production of feasibility studies and market surveys.

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Before you go ahead with a scheme it makes sense to check out in advance for pitfalls, competition, etc., through appraisals of proposed ventures and to avoid mistakes through lack of local knowledge, customs, and traditions.

ANGDavis Associates Ltd


ANGDavis Associates often partners with external consultants and agencies from around the globe to support and deliver projects.

ANGDavis Associates Ltd


We work with Individual and Freelance Experts to deliver projects around the world. Register with us.

ANGDavis Associates Ltd

Procurement Support

Capital expenditure on plant and equipment requires experience, research and up-to-date knowledge to get the most our of your investment.

ANGDavis Associates Ltd


Delivering industry training and seminars provides you and your staff with the core knowledge and experience to make the right choices and work smarter.

You can trust ANGDavis Associates to help deliver projects on time and budget

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